Traces of an Unseen God: A Spiritual Look at Life's Complexities

by Sid Ogino

$16.00 Hardcover 93 pages


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Where are you in your spiritual journey? Can you find traces of sacredness in the everyday rituals of your life? Or are you searching for ways to replenish an emptiness in your soul? In this small book, author Sid Ogino gently leads us down new paths of self-discovery. Using sometimes humorous and sometimes deadly serious stories, he challenges us to think and feel beyond simplistic teachings that we may have grown up with. And by thinking outside the box, we can more fully embrace all that life's mysteries have to offer.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sid Ogino is an ordained minister and licensed counselor living in Phoenix, Arizona. Along with his clinical psychology background, Ogino's lifelong desire to serve God has led him to incorporate religion as a powerful tool in healing the lives of others.

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